Orderlunches Express

About Us

Orderlunches was founded in 2006 by Pamela Culores, a mom and business woman who knew there had to be a better way to organize the lunch process at school.  Orderlunchesexpress was created to replace the complicated task of organizing and managing school lunch programs.  Schools can now eliminate the endless hours spent managing paper processes or using other online systems that simply just don’t work at an affordable price.  Busy parents get to pre-order their kids meals, know what they’re eating at school and get rid of the morning chaos.

Today we help hundreds of thousands of parents across the U.S. easily manage what their kid’s eat at school. Our mission is to meet the requirements of every parent, every kid and every school by providing a system that compiles, tabulates, and organizes all the information necessary to easily manage a preorder school lunch program. Helping schools nationwide connect with local restaurants, caterers or on-site cooks to build strong partnerships that keep kids healthy & parents happy is our passion.

We make it easy for everyone to use our online solutions and we have a proven track record with our schools, parents, restaurant and catering partners. Live customer support and satisfied customers is why we’re different and what makes us better – so give us a call and learn how we can help you make managing school lunch simple!



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